Frequently Asked Questions

The official Secretariat Game is suited for what audience?

The Secretariat Horse Racing Game contains no violence and no foul language and therefore is suited for all audiences, especially anyone who saw the movie “Secretariat”. Our players range from the age of 6 all the way up to 60 and beyond. The game allows you to jockey Secretariat through a very special racing career including three Triple Crown races as featured in the “Secretariat” movie and requires no prior horse racing knowledge. In addition, there are two special bonus races where you can jockey Secretariat against some of the greatest champion horses, past and present.

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Will the game work on a Mac computer or iPad?

No. Do not purchase this game for a Mac or iPad. This is a PC-only game and requires one of the following Windows Operating Systems: XP, Vista, Windows 7. Mac users utilizing Bootcamp to run one of the officially supported Windows Operating Systems on their iMac, Mac mini, or Macbook hardware should be able to play the game while using Windows. However, this is not officially supported.

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Should I download the game or order it through mail?

We suggest both. This way, if anything ever happens to your computer, you will always have a copy of the game on a CD-ROM. Downloading the game will give you instant access, but the CD-ROM version can provide you assurance that the game will always be available at a later date, specifically if you purchase a new computer. We suggest ordering both. We are only producing a limited number of the Secretariat Game CDs, Even if you never open up the actual CD, it will be a great collector’s item.

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I don’t know much about horse racing. Will I enjoy the game?

The game was developed to appeal to the masses. Even if you have absolutely no knowledge of horse racing, the game is fun and exciting to play. Of course, horse racing enthusiasts will find jockeying Secretariat a blast. The game is appropriate for all ages, both male and female. A fun, fast, exciting game that is easy to learn. Our game is programmed in such a way that every time you play, from the start, the competitors of Secretariat will have a slight variation in their ability during racing competition, making the game more challenging and ensuring many hours of game play enjoyment.

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If I purchase the game and don’t like it, can I return it?

Customers who purchase the CD version (for PC computers) of the official Secretariat Horse Racing Game can return the game for a full refund within 10 days from the purchase date. Refunds are only available when the game has been returned by mail to the following address:

Horse Racing Simulation LLC
3230 E. Flamingo Road, Ste. 8-307
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Please include your order number, full name and telephone number. Refunds will be posted back to the credit card used for the original purchase within two weeks from the receipt of returned product. Customers who purchase the download version of the Secretariat Horse Racing Game may only request a refund for technical reasons specifically related to the proper functioning of the game on their computer. Horse Racing Simulation LLC has the right to offer technical support through either email or remote computer access to resolve the problem before issuing a refund. If you’re having a technical issue with our program or have questions, please email

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